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  • RE: How many frames per second can the human eye really see? 30 fps? 60 fps?

    @Katsuo do you set the frame limiter at 5 just to watch the world burn?

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  • RE: Nintendo Switch: Is Your Body Ready?

    @Zmajuga haha yeah I have no defense for that one

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  • RE: How many frames per second can the human eye really see? 30 fps? 60 fps?

    Believe it or not, I actually prefer certain games at 30 fps. Most I want 45 to 60 like everyone else, but for some reason if it is like a cartoon style I like it low.

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  • A little tale and a huge joy

    HOLA mates! Hope you are all high and dandy!

    Something absolutely fantastic happened to me today, something that made me gain so much confidence, something that gave me so much joy that I can barely make them into words. But let’s make the beginning sound like one:

    Today, I uploaded my new and latest video for my YouTube Channel; this is what? The third time I try to revive it? But truly, third time is the charm right? But why is it the bloody third time you might ask?

    When I first started doing YouTube it was around when my father gotten sick as well. Very soon after we discovered his illness, he passed away, leaving me and my mom into a broken state. I even had to sell my PC at some point cause of the never-ending bills and inability to survive otherwise. But regardless, as I gave temporary relief to the one I lost the most in this world, I say it was well worth it.

    Fast forward to 2016 now: I decided it was the time to start again, to grab the future by the balls and do what I set out to do, something that is more than a hobby, more than a passion. This time however, i had a friend with me, one of my best irl mates. So in we went. Very soon however, we reached a dead end; work hours between me and him were constantly shifting so we had to stop at some point. And it was obvious that my friend just didn’t want to go the extra mile, but I just didn’t want to see that. True, I still love him and I trust him in many things, but it was a mistake calling him as a partner, as the moment things went a bit rough, he didn’t want to deal with it.

    This time however, I decided to do differently. I decided to what I love and see where it goes. No need to rush content out; it will come, ideas is something I can never seem to run out off. Writing the script for these videos feels like second nature. Sure, I need work on editing the videos, but I can only get better at something. Sure, I need more sense at some points, but like before, I can only get better (at least hopefully!) I will stop worrying about not having the best equipment to record and work with, cause those things will naturally be replaced in the future, if I do make the cut for it. So with those positive thoughts, I uploaded my first video. Of course, it didn’t storm the rankings and views, but I am no longer impatient about them; if they are meant to happen, they will. My goal now is to keep creating quality content, videos that I feel proud of and upload them at a steady pace, WITHOUT worrying about the bloody day or time they will do so.

    So I decided to also do this. I don’t know why, but I just did. I also want to ask of your advice, but I will leave you a bit hanging still about it; first comes the end of our tale.

    I created a Patreon Page. I thought to myself might as well to do so, I did not expect a fucking shitstorm of pledges anytime soon, but I wanted people to see why I am doing this and what are some of my goals. So I created it. I was then looking to find someone to check my page, to see if it was decent, if it described what I wanted to do and who I am and most importantly, what should I do to improve it. To my avail, I found none. After a while, I talked to a really old friend of mine; a Warcraft buddy. In fact, he is actually my very first subscriber, something we discovered later on. I asked him to take a look for those things. He asked me to check my page about something. I did. I saw a notification. Bastard did a 50$ pledge for my channel. We talked a lot about my plans and it was then we discovered that he was actually the first sub as well. So basically, this Danish friend, one who we’ve never met but have passed so many hours playing together or plain chatting about anything, took my Subscriber Virginity and now my Patreon Virginity as well! He even jokingly said to me that he wanted to be the first to do it.

    Now, it’s not about the money, although it’s a huge help: even if it’s my friend, it’s a pledge from a man who believes in me and actually likes my content. Really, this is one of the few times in my life that my work gets recognized and this first big step marks my first bearings to this new world that I can’t wait to fully experience. I will forever remember this day, that’s for damn sure.

    Why did I tell you this story? Although I am mostly inactive (though slowly I am getting back! Yay!) we guys know each other from way back. You know about my passion for our community and how I love to be close with you folks. With most of you here we’ve talked a whole lot and I feel like that you are my extended family. That is why I am sharing this with you. Cause I know that a few people will genuinely be happy for this little tale!

    I also want to shamelessly ask of you to check my Patreon Page. Like I mentioned before, I want feedback on it, whether it actually described what I want to do and why I am doing it and what I can do to make it better. Nothing more, nothing less. And I ask of you not to raise awareness, as some people who don’t know me might think, but the truth is value your opinion folks, those who remained true to something. You know what I am talking about! Here is the link:

    Wow, if you truly read all of this, you are a true baller! Give me a brofist!

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  • Winter Anime Season 2017

    Hey folks! Hope you are well!

    Are you excited about the anime coming out this season? Personally not that much, but there are some I am actually interested in. I was busy this week with making this video, give it a look if you are interested:

    However, since I hate just posting a link to videos (whether they are mine or not) and be done with it, let’s create a conversation about this!

    Although it’s not included in the video, I am looking forward to have a look at Little Witch Academia, which I have yet to watch. From everything else, the only series that managed to pique my interest are Kuzu no Honkai, a wonderful series that is deep and complicated when it comes to relationships and how things move in the world. I am a sucker for seinen personally.
    Other than that, Hand Shakers left an impression with its unique animation, but didn’t leave me in awe overall.
    Fuuka has entered my watch list, mostly because of the good music, cause the story is too… cringy? Too cliche? I don’t know, but I have seen the exact story take place so many times before and develop in the same way. The only thing that is new -and really, the saving grace for this anime - is that the protagonists create a music club and the soundtrack, opening and ending themes are FANTASTIC. I hope they do good on this one.

    That’s my own take of things for this new season. What are you guys watching? And is that Nazi Loli thing that good? I saw good critics, but I just couldn’t bring myself to watch it.

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  • A wild Noctua NH-D9L appears!

    Last year I managed to win one of @LetsGetIt1220 's review samples he put up for a giveaway. Well, since I won that larger Cryorig H5 its use was kind of up in the air… I could’ve used it for the sake of using it, but I’d rather that it be properly exercised. So I managed to find a worthy recipient - but first have a bit of backstory.

    Some of you may have twigged that @Trainsmash & I are pretty good friends IRL; we met working for the same pharmaceuticals company (about 10yrs ago?) where I was his supervisor & then the company was sold off & we were made redundant. We each bounced around work & study before eventually ending up with our roles reversed in another chemical company about 6yrs ago. Currently we work in different roles from where we started but remain friends due to the amount of shit we mutually had to shovel, as well as a connection through tech & gaming. We’re also fathers with kids of the same ages.

    So @Trainsmash has been on the cusp of upgrading to Z170 to better utilise the speed of his M.2 SSD, but wasn’t fully committed. However he got the urge to help provide a PC for a friend & was short a cooler. He mentioned to me that he was weighing up a few possibilities as replacements for his current Cooler Master Hyper 103. I had no hesitation in offering the Noctua to him instead. Knowing that it would be looked after & installed correctly, this would allow him to build on his Z170 with a fresh new CPU cooler & strip the whole set up out of his existing rig to pass on down the line.

    So please find some installation pics of the NH D9L on an Asus Z170-A; he has two fans exhausting at the top of his case, so he’s trying the rotated cooler installation seeing as there’s zero RAM issues.

    0_1484791460305_Photo from Jaison Tait(14).jpg
    0_1484791514457_Photo from Jaison Tait(6).jpg
    0_1484791543149_Photo from Jaison Tait(7).jpg
    0_1484791581466_Photo from Jaison Tait(11).jpg
    0_1484791638957_Photo from Jaison Tait(10).jpg
    0_1484791707171_Photo from Jaison Tait(8).jpg

    Hopefully @Trainsmash can provide some nice full set up pics on top of this too :)

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  • RE: why EA shit???

    @Spinalfailed haha yes, saying it is the best is subjective, not factual. I liked it the most. Had the best party characters IMO.

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