3 favors and a question to ask

@Katsuo please slap @teh_g
@teh_g please cry on @ShiftySatchmo’s shoulder
@ShiftySatchmo please slap @teh_g

How’s everyone’s summer going?

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No you.

Will do

I’ll do it. Will I get some achievements if I do it on a daily basis?

Also, my summer is hot. Literally hot and hot as in I got a new job hot so I’m also hot because of it.

How’s your summer going? Are you as hot as me?


LOL incredible

Summer is going well, bought a Camelbak with a 3 liter bladder and now I am walking a lot more because I am not getting dehydrated. Also works well to put a 1 liter bottle in the bag and two nylon dog bowls for when I walk my dog. That is one of the reasons I have not been gaming much.

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