A final goodbye

Yesterday I said a final goodbye to the little black beastie :slight_smile: I bought the Clio Storia (Clio 2 ph2) 1.5DCI, 68HP in 2006, and it was my Christmas present to myself :stuck_out_tongue: Registration date was 23.12.2006. That car was my daily driver and had all the possible equipment, even a cruise control :stuck_out_tongue: It had almost no problems except the common items, as ball joints and brake pads and such, a great little car. Also added a tow bar so we could take our trailer tent to the seaside :slight_smile: This was my second car, the first being a Fiat Uno 1.4 IES ( a crazy car, almost to the point of dangerous). In 2016 my father bought another car (Nissan Qashqai) and we decided to take their car. So the shuffle began. My girlfriend had a C3 1.4 and that thing drank fuel through a sewer pipe, it was bad. So I transferred my Clio to her, we sold her C3 and I drove the Toyota Auris 1.4 D4D 90HP. Also got a tow bar for it, and last year it pulled the trailer tent again. Well, last year in November, I got an opportunity for a 2013 VW Passat 2.0 TDI 140HP, a company car, which my brother drove, fully equipped for a very low price (talking about 6k€ lower than market price). And the shuffle began again, just this time my girlfriend got the Toyota and I took the Passat.
It was mixed feelings seeing the car go, I got used to it over the years, and it was really reliable. But it didn’t go far, my girlfriends’ cousins girlfriend bought it :slight_smile: #progression #car


Ayyy car purchasessss. I’m currently looking for one as well. My ass can’t handle the bicycle anymore. Of course, as a fully fledged weeb, I’m going to buy an Asian car. Looking at Kia, Hyundai and Honda atm. I want em allllll.

Hopefully you are having fun with the VW. Personally, I hate them because of their history haha. I’m picky as hell.

Well tbh I had my eye set on the Kia Optima, Stinger is a bit pricey :stuck_out_tongue: But I couldn’t pass up this car, fully upgraded and known history and regular service. And yes, a fun car and lovely torque :smiley:

I was literally checking Optima because Stinger costs 3 times more and Optima looks more or less the same as Stinger haha
Kia and Hyundai made some pretty good looking cars and the engines seem to be pretty well made.

BUT, where are the pics of the VW and Toyota, hm???

It’s weird, it’s a link to an album but resolves into a single picture…
Google Photos
Google Photos

VW makes a nice car though.

Pretty cars, that’s true. I do recommend to watch the documentary called “Dirty Money” on Netflix. That’s the reason I don’t really trust Diesel engines or VW, BMW etc. in general.

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