Alex - April Gamer Challenge

I was home for a couple of days so I decided to play a game to celebrate! The one I chose, totally at random, was Gone Home. I loved every minute of this game. As always, here is the video review for it.

Now then, Gone Home is a rather short game; I would expect less than 2 hours of clearing it even if you don’t rush at all and take your sweet time with it. What lacks in the time played department however, definitely makes it up for an amazing story. Before you go in, take note that the game takes place at the 90s. When you start discovering bits of the story, keep that in mind and you will appreciate the story tenfold.

The atmosphere and decoration of the house definitely feels like the good ol’ 90s and a lot of work was put into the many details of the game. There are a couple of bugs in the game, but they don’t really stop you from playing, they are just funny in their own way. In fact, if you play the game as it intends you to be played, you probably won’t find them!

The narration of the game is done through voice journals you find around the house and the voice acting is just fantastic! I have had a few complaints regarding the soundtrack, but it does fit the story of the game, so I just got on with it; in fact, unless you want to, you aren’t able to listen to the soundtrack.

The major downside of this game is definitely the price. Asking 20 bucks for it is way too expensive for what the game truly offers. If you ever find it on a sale or on a bundle, you should absolutely get it, if you are fan of good narrative games, but otherwise I can’t just recommend buying it as it is.

At least now I have one more game cleared out! Woohoo!