Alex August Gamer Challenge

Here is my first entry for the Gamer Challenge, Tomb Raider (2013)! I had an absolutely BLAST with this one. Before, I had only played until a certain level cause my PC broke back then and had never got to the point of finishing it completely. And now I did. What a journey! I got so many references, such as the two guns when Roth… No spoilers! But it was a damn good game, I loved this experience. I also completed all collectible stuff, the relics, documents and tombs were fantastic to collect due to them being interesting, but the GPS caches and the extra challenges were just… blah!

Being able to see a green Lara and her struggles was something that was executed perfectly, the story was lacking in a few points, but overall it was a pleasant experience, it had a lot of action but not to the extent that game itself FOCUSED on action only. And so many bloody ways to die man! Lara took some serious hits in her first adventure, but that ending scene was pure gold.

“I am not going home”

Bloody awesome. I want to see THIS Lara grow. In every Tomb Raider, Lara Croft is an already established archaeologist, so seeing her grow is something that in the end, some titles later, will make me feel closer to her and feel proud of her achievements. Also, I want as many titles as possible from this publisher, so that one day I will be able to marathon Lara’s adventures from start to finish… And I hope that happens when I am old and fragile, but a badass veteran Gamer!

Now I have to be patient enough in order to gather money for Rise of the Tomb Raider; I absolutely must play that game. In fact, I am going to buy it in physical form! No, maybe even Collector’s Edition!

Anyone who has talked with me about gaming a little, knows that my favorite title is the Metal Gear Solid series: they will always comes first no matter what. I will admit that the voice actor change of Snake had put me off when it came to actually playing the game, but I had the urge to just PLAY it. It’s a fucking masterpiece. I cleared Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes Story Mode, that just one mission. It was a bloody marvel. I enjoyed EVERY second of it! The visual details, the gameplay, the cassettes and all that lovely information on characters that I hadn’t even SEEN at the time, the video sequence of the cutscenes, all the references and easter eggs, the extremely detailed details of every detail… Yep, this is Hideo Kojima. I loved it so much that i downloaded The Phantom Pain and played it a bit while I was sitting at home with a kind of en emergency here. As I would have known, the only thing that could have taken my mind off certain nasty things is such a masterpiece of a game and so far, Metal Gear series have NEVER disappointed me.

That makes 2 games now complete! Yay!


Alex Finish the other missions to get Kojima and few other Elite and Legendary soldiers in MGSV TPP.

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Alex And you get some guns as well. And few outfits. YOU GET A LOT OF STUFF IF YOU 100% GROUND ZERO!

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Alex yayyyy play phantom pain finallyyyyyy

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Katsuo I must go back, finish Ground to 100%, then start a new game?

ShiftySatchmo Aye! I love every minute of it! But WoW is starting to claim me once again!

Alex You don’t have to start a new game. There is an option in title menu where you can download the Ground Zero save files. After you download the save files, you’ll get automatically bonus stuff and some goodies later in game.

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