Alex is back, Alex is to stay

HOLA guys! It’s been a HELL long time and what hellish times it has been for me!

My absence can be explained, as things have been way too difficult to manage everything. To start with, I have been working countless hours in my new workplace, sometimes approximately 20 hours per day every day. On the rare occasions I had 8 to 10 hours of worktime, I would go in and out of doctors and hospital, not only for personal reasons, but for my dear mom as well. In fact, if it wasn’t for a certain someone helping me, I might not have made it in time; things were just too fucking hectic.

Slowly, my life is returning to more normal paces. I still work a lot, but right now I am enjoying a vacation, week long to add as well. During this time, I am planning to reevaluate a lot of things in my life, as I don’t think I should take too much of this shit for way too long. My work is shit and despite the many work hours and work enviroment (working in retail is like a dream job compared to this one, trust me) I am still many times unable to pay all my bills and so on. There have been cases where I literally had to go without food (thank god I didn’t have to make my mom go through that as well) in order to keep up on certain things. I literally forgot to smile for more than a while.

I still can’t leave this job, despite not having any pension plan or even enabling me to pay everything that needs to get paid, cause there is literally nothing else in the horizon. I am not complaining; there are many who lack even that. However, it’s true that I am looking to find a new job. If someone is hiring, I am here for you! No joke!

Lately I picked up gaming again, mostly playing World of Warcraft in my free time. Also, the past couple of days I have been working frantically on my YouTube channel; quite a few videos are being prepared, almost at the same time. Soon, I should have a steady line of videos coming out every week, which is also my goal. Also, I have reached over 100 subs in my YouTube channel, which is bloody awesome! I am planning a giveaway for the 100 subs; should be up in the coming days, make sure to enter!

I won’t go through what has happened during all this time; no need to. The most important things have been said. However, I want to apologize for not being here at all, despite me saying that I will be. Well, things have changed hopefully! I will try to be on as much as possible and enrich this place with as many things as possible! GX has great potential and I will be more than proud to honor and support through many ways.

Some of my plans include making a giveaway around this place, only for GX members. Just for the hell of it! Cause why not! It’s been a while since I was able to do anything like this, might as well do it! Really, if I leave it for the time I am honestly free from bills to do something like this, it will never happen most likely, so might as well have fun before I depart from this world!

So I am back my good friends! I am back to stay! I would like you to give me a hola back, tell me your news and stuff and also, support me in my endeavor with the YouTube Channel, so one day I will be able to achieve a part of my dream! That was kinda selfish, wasn’t it? But rest assured that I am not thinking just for my own skin!

Good to be back folks!


Glad to hear things are going a bit better for ya bud.

Welcome back!

Who are you? Lol just kidding I am glad you are doing better.
Welcome home.

Welcome back mate. :smiley:

Alex Glad to hear you are back, I really missed you :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh god not you again

Thanks all of you!

Yes Katsuo , I am back bitch. Hope you enjoyed your puny life till now, but now things will change.

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Alex said in Alex is back, Alex is to stay:

Thanks all of you!

Yes Katsuo , I am back bitch. Hope you enjoyed your puny life till now, but now things will change.

Yeah, they will change. You will go afk from GX for another month XD

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Katsuo That actually hurts my feelings mate. It’s not like I wanted to be away…

But whatever, like me or hate me, things are changing!

Missed you so much mate. Well. Only a little to be honest. I had hoped you died a horrible death. But you can’t have all in life!

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Welcome back bro glad you get some time to yourself finally :smiley:

Alex Glad to see you back. Stay well, stay safe & welcome back to the fold.

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Alex good to see you back, and hope things keep getting better for you!

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