Almost that time of year again...

Every year since they have come out I’ve done a single play through of all of the Dragon Age games. Even if some of the DLC from Inquisition confused me by “expanding” the lore to include stuff I personally wasn’t fond of, it’s still by far one of my favorite story driven game series. One that actually resulted in me picking up the books! (Reading isn’t something I usually do for entertainment)

So I’m thinking, Origins will be an Human Rogue, DA:2 will be a Mage Hawke, and Inquisition will be a Dalish Mage. Last year I think this was something I streamed but it’s been so long that I don’t really remember. So I may end up streaming it.

Does anyone have a series they enjoy so much, they keep going back to it because of how amazing it is? I know Sir_diealot loves him some Witcher. What about the rest of you wonderful people?

tat2teel Witcher series, Baldurs Gate Series, Trackmania Series, Colin Mcrae Rally (Dirt) series, Max Payne Series, Unreal Tournament Series, Quake Series and there are plenty more :wink:

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Commander Keen :smiley:


MeFFFlenn I really enjoyed the Witcher games. I actually got the final expansion for Witcher 3, but haven’t even started it yet. I want to do a brand new run, and complete the main campaign and Hearts of Stone (Which was amazing,) and end the game by completing Blood and Wine. Super stoked.

Zmajuga I’ve not played it. I take it it’s a great game series?

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tat2teel You need a level 35 Geralt for Blood and Wine so if you have finished the game, take that Geralt. It´s perfect as this does not play in Velen … only for 1 quest :slight_smile:

P.S.: Monkey Island :wink:

MeFFFlenn For sure, but I kind of want to relive the “entire” experience since I haven’t played the game pretty much since Hearts of Stone came out…So it’s been a while.

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There are actually many games that very often call out to me to be replayed. Some are very old, like Metal Gear Solid, Final Fantasy IX, Final Fantasy X, Warcraft III. Some are more recent, like Bastion. I love having such titles that no matter how much time has passed, no matter how many times I have played them in the past, for me personally they will STILL be good! It’s like listening to that album of your favorite band; it never grows old.

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Alex I agree. I was so stoked when FF IX and X received PC releases, both were day one pick ups for me. IX is amazing and my older sister and I played through X together back in the day.

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Just got finished playing FF X again. I also often go back to all of the metal gear solid series, and Fallout 3.

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Just like Sir_diealot and his Witcher, mine should start becoming obvious to you all, the more you get to know me.

My main gaming love is single player rpgs, and I do enjoy me some Witcher, Dragon Age, and every other rpg, but I usually just play through all those once.

The one that gets me is The Elder Scrolls series. I started with Arena, and I have played every one of them since then, and I play them multiple times. At any given time, I may have a game going with whichever one is the current one of them that is on the market.

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I can’t read my Witcher book Tower of Swallows or play any games right now because the eye doctor messed up my up close up glasses and I have to go pick the right ones up tomorrow, but I am kinda glad because I don’t want the book to or Blood and Wine to end yet. I did start my second play through of the first Witcher game while I was waiting for Blood and Wine to release. I am going to have to wait a year for the next book in the series to come out so that is going to suck.

I think I would like to play the Half-Life series again, they are always fun to play.

I have to restart Dragon Age 1 over as I lost files on it. (That will be a hard one for me though as I was not liking it at all but I want to play the series)

I won Drakensang: The River of Time from Dot’s Facebook group that I am looking forward to playing as well as some other RPG’s That I have.

Funny thing is I started out heavy into FPS games and now I could honestly care less about them and the only play them to hang out with friends.

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It’s Gothic series for me. Gothic 2 is imo one of the best RPGs ever made

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tat2teel Blood and Stone is really more an independent Adventure, but yeah if you wanna do a new run, , do it… but Blood and wine is like the other Ad-on end game content. And pretty big big itself. just saying :wink:

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Uncharted, Resident Evil, and soon Crash Bandicoot!

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