Am I Growing Out of Video Games?

It is weird. Slowly I’ve become more and more disinterested with video games. Where once I would play anything in my backlog and could find entertainment in the most meh of games, I now find myself being bored by almost every game including games that are 9 or 10/10 to most people…

Nothing has really changed in my life in terms of something more entertaining or a different hobby that has taken the place of games. When I go to play, I always hope that I have so much fun it is hard to stop playing, but I’m honestly not feeling it anymore. Doesn’t mean I’m never going to play video games again, but it is weird that I have no patience and a lack of desire to play.

Here are games that this has happened with lately:
-Zelda BOTW
-Telltale Batman
-Rise of the Tomb Raider
-Horizon: Zero Dawn
-Far Cry 5 + Expansions
-Super Mario Odyssey
-Assassin’s Creed: Origins
-Shadow of the Colossus
-Uncharted: The Last Legacy

Now… I know when Red Dead 2 comes out, I will play the heck out of it like I did with God of War and Uncharted 4 most recently, but I have nothing capturing my attention in between those blockbuster type of games… I have no idea what this gaming funk is all about, but it is driving me nuts because I will get free time, desire video game entertainment, then get bored a few minutes later. Maybe it is just a single player curse? Maybe I need to play Worms with @ShiftySatchmo, @teh_g, and friends again. Or maybe my taste in games has changed? This is freaking me out!!!

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Playing games with friends is definitely more fun. That is why I like playing WoW so much, I play mostly to hang out with friends and joke around while we do things.

Disinterest? Not feeling it? Lack of desire?

I’m sure there’s a pill for that. :wink:

I know what you mean though. I’ve had a few ruts a year for quite a few years running now. But it always comes back and I find something that pulls me back in. My only thing to say would be don’t force it. You’d be turning a fun hobby that’s on the rocks with you into a chore on top of it! It will return.

Shadow of the Colossus is as long as a movie and you couldn’t finish it? Hahahaha. Play VR?

Anyhoo, I went through a phase where I barely played for about a year. It happens. Either you’ll start again or you never will again. You probably just got burnt out on games from playing too much.

PS: give me all your games.

Just trird to say the same thing this evening to @Sgt_T8ie. In the feels.

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Yeah I don’t think I get bored laughing with you guys playing Golf It and other games… I’m just surprised how SP hasn’t captured me anymore

Well it’s longer when you’re playing on the hardest mode because a lot of the Colossi take double the time to kill due to less stamina. I love the game and all, it’s just not capturing my attention for more than a Colossi at a time…

Meaning you’re not loving games at the moment?

Stop replaying games and stop playing super long games for a while. I don’t have a lot of time to play so I’ve been enjoying shorter games more lately.

I’m kinda the same.
So I decided to play only multiplayer games and by that I mean Warframe and League of Legends and nothing else. Hopefully, in time, my soul will be rekindled and I’ll get back to single player games again.

Yup I know the feeling but those are hot and cold periods for me. Sometimes I prefer multiplayer, sometimes single player. It’s really a rare occation that I’m not in the mood for games.

I mixed it up and still feel the same. The latest 3 were Braid, Night Sky, and Trine, all pretty short.

Try some board games for a change. :wink:

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True, I do have to play that disease game Andrew bought me

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Nope. Not loving it, not being drawn in, not looking forward to sitting and zoning out for an hour or two. Hope my mojo comes back eventually.

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As @Trainsmash said, we were discussing this last night. I’ve dropped down the Elite:Dangerous rabbithole, so far it’s turning into a 2nd job, the same reason why I got sick of WoW & D3.

Once it becomes a job it’s no longer fun. Trying to finish as many games as possible in a month was tiring.

So now I try to get dragged into a game & be immersed.

E:D did that to me, Witcher 3 did that (but I then got sidetracked), Divinity Original Sin 2 definitely did this. XCom2 should be doing this, but it hasn’t yet, Borderlands 2 did this to me & still can time after time.

I’m now at the point that if a game can’t grab me in the first 2-3 hours I’m going to give up on it & go back to those that I’m happy with. The only exception so far this year has been Warframe, there’s something that keeps me going, but (& this is a BIG but) it’s so confusing for new players that I can’t play for long periods of time (i.e. day after day) & so instead only play once a week.

Sorry for the stream, just wanted to put my thoughts down.


You are my favorite person. You play Warframe. Nezha is love.


having gamed constantly for more years many of you have been alive, this old cat can offer some advice on things I’ve learned?

True gamers never get it out of their system. it comes and goes, for sure. But don’t burn yourself out. Many people will try to play games, and finish them, and push and push and push, and then wonder why they don’t feel like playing anymore. Gaming is a pastime. Its not life. Enjoy life, and game when you feel like it, (only) and then, only play what you really want to play at that moment. Don’t play something just because of a need to finish it. Play what you are in the mood for.

If you notice, I game almost every night. But I only do it for a couple hours, unless I feel like it, and I never finish games. Make it a fun pastime, and nothing more, and whatever your taste is, because everyone is different, just make sure you are enjoying those hours, and are happy and stress free when you shut it down.

thats my advice. :smiley: