Amazing Gift Arrived Today...

sYnCroSis sent me a Christmas gift, and it arrived today! IT IS AMAZING.

I received this funny box.

With this funny message inside.

What the heck is this?!

It is some wacky raspberry pi based emulation system, with everything from atari, to GBA, to PSX on it! It appears Josh took the time to load some of my favorites on there. It has Zombies ate my neighbors, and that’s pretty much the best nostalgia trip ever.

Awesome man congratz and enjoy your present


I am glad you finally have it so I can talk about it again. I promised I wouldn’t talk about making my own at all…


teh_g Josh crafted it with love!

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It’s probably what I’m going to do with my pi. You can buy the NES case I believe.


Spinalfailed yeah it turns out sYnCroSis bought a raspberry pi, made it into an emulation machine, and ordered a 3D printed case on etsy. I guess one guy makes them look like NES, but they sell out often.


ShiftySatchmo that is correct! I have a NES Classic and wanted a different spin on my Pi so I went with Zebra cases Evergreen case. Check them out on amazon, they make beautiful cases!


teh_g it’s true you kept it secret nicely