And finally Devil May Cry 5

well i am not that hyped. i have mixed feeling about this…dont wanna judge anything before i play the game. .the only thing made me smile was dante looks more awesome now and super old xD i like him ofc <3

[Had to make individual post for this one sry :3 ]


Better not be windows store exclusive!

Looks awesome. Super hyped and I’m going to buy it 100%. Even if it is windows store exclusive.

Found it. Song was awesomeeee


Soooo glad I waited on DMC5.

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Soooo glad you wasted your money buying it for me :heart:

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And @teh_g. I hate friends.

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I’ll just buy you subscription to the pass in the future.

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I love you?

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And this is my next game! Running at max settings at 1794p>60 (avg fps >100, DSR1440p). I had to drop the res so low because some cut scenes were going into the 50s with >1794p.

I don’t think I need to explain this game, it’s DMC! Will post more later!


I still think it’s disappointing but not bad. 7/10

You’re disappointing and not bad?


So far it’s better than the other devil may crys. Just got to the bit where you get the motorcycle.

Just beat it. I think they made the call of we could finish the story properly and have a bit of jank strewn about the game, or end it here and polish the fuck out of it. They chose the latter. That said, they have plenty of directions they could take the next game. I found it did surpass the previous games, and they were fucking awesome, so recommended! There’s no non-cosmetic dlc, so I’ll not be coming back to this title unless story dlc drops before I forget the controls…which is unlikely.


try on higher difficulty now. its really fun trust me ! !