This is my next game! Think of it as underwater Metroid! I’m hooked! Again! lol

It’s old (2007) and 2d so you can run it on anything. The only graphics options are resolution and AA. So I ran it at 1440p with whatever the in game max AA was. Solid 60fps running in Ubuntu 16.04. I would imagine the performance to be the same in Windows.

Another thing I like is that it was written in SDL, a C++ API that I haven’t touched since college. It’s nice to see that it can still kick ass in 2016.

The only prob I have is that it doesn’t detect my 360 controller. That turned out to be fine though, after playing with kb+mouse, it turns out it would probably be harder to control with a gamepad.

I totally recommend it! : ]

gord0 Looks like it will be fun. I’ll have to add it to my wishlist.

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and beat it! Another game none of you are allowed to not play! None of you have excuses, it’s a 2d game made with sdl in 2007. A toaster could run it!