Arma 3

Since Apex came out to the people playing Arma 3 do you have problems connecting to some servers and getting kicked ?

Make sure you are running the same version. Not all servers are updated as some people do not have Apex.

Ub6 I have same version of the servers i tried to join and got kicked every time for missing some things :confused: XD

Ub6 I managed to find one server in UK where guy somehow let me play on the server but i cannot use stuff i dont own XD

Yes that happens (servers have dlc stuff you don’t) well… not to me. :slight_smile:

Unless the servers are locked (doubtful as you would see that) all I can figure is they are full and the list is not showing correctly. This happens more than you would like it to (join a server that has 15 only to find out it is almost full and the like).

Try to favorite the servers you like that way it is easy to get back to them.

Ub6 I found some i like :smiley: But i wanted to play Altis life for which on some servers you need to apply like for a freaking job in order to play XD