Attack on Titan 2 looks great


Well, you should know by now that they are mainly making games for consoles. Everything that has been released on PC is and will be trash. Just play their games on console. Easy.


But gsync fixes it and allows me higher than console settings…


In rare cases, it fixes it xD
There are tons of amazing koei games that you refunded because they ported it poorly. I would just play all their games on console and enjoy it, no matter the frame rate or resolution


I would have returned much less had I had my gsync monitor at the time. Most common prob is unstable framerate.


Except for Nioh which looks and plays perfect on PC


Wouldn’t know as I have it only on console. But I’m glad at least one of their games are good on PC Haha
I still have to finish Nioh, damn it. Nioh 2 is coming out this yearrrr


I also have to finish Nioh. I can say it does run great on PC though.


Me too it is a grind