This is the one of the few times I will break my rule of finishing a game before starting a new one. As you guys know I was stuck with just my mac over the weekend so I had to play something other than my current game, Fairy Fencer F, because that game only has a Windows build. So that game ended up being Bastion.

So in OSX I got it working at some low ass 16:10 resolution and with the help of a 3rd party driver I was able to get an xbone controller working flawlessly. Then when I got home I loaded it up on my main rig in Ubuntu 16.04… but for some reason it crashed whenever I went to continue my game. So I made a steam thread and then rebooted to Windows. I had to force 1440p externally, but got it running at a solid 1440p57 with max AA (only options are res and aa). I think the 57 is a glitch in the vsync. It never changes above or below, always 57. I’m not arguing.

Anyway, the gameplay is… like Vanhelsing with a shield and more accurate controls…and an audio style stolen right from Firefly. I’m loving it. Totally recommended. Will post more once I beat it. Also, I’m told it’s quite short so I’ll not have to worry about forgetting what was happening in Fairy Fencer F when I get back to it!

One of my favorites. Good choice!



It is such a good game. Probably one of my all time favorites.


I would upvote twice if I could. Bastion is one of all time faves!

Gonna build that wall! Tururururu…

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Agreed with everyone. Easily considered a classic by me as well. Such a good little universe and game. Was one of the first Humble Bundle’d games I played back when HB was just a DRM-free haven.

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Well just beat it! I chose to leave that traitor dude to die and to evacuate instead of restoration. I figured a restoration would start the paradox over again from the beginning and evacuation would continue on… Anyway, definitely a classic!


gord0 play it again and take him with you. It has more feels that way. I also chose evacuation for the same reason though.

ShiftySatchmo said in Bastion:

gord0 play it again and take him with you. It has more feels that way. I also chose evacuation for the same reason though.

There’s a thing with me and multiple ending games. I can’t be bothered to replay for the ending(s) I didn’t do the first time. And forget about new game plus. NG+ is sooo pointless unless you have a game with micro-transactions, and even then it’s only a good idea for the devs/publisher.

gord0 I’ll only do NG+ if it’s like hard mode kinda dealy and I reaaaaalllly liked the game.

gord0 I chose at first to pick up Zulf and evacuate. The entire scene was overwhelming to say the least. By many it’s considered the “good” ending, but for me, it was the meaning of the choice that made me choose that.