Battlefield 1 Beta key

Those who applied for the keys but didnt got any just go there and chat with the ea member…you will have the beta game in your library in no time.!

Umm, you don’t need a key since it’s open beta today.

Katsuo I still got nada XD

Arsononion go here ;

nvm guys they added it in origin few hours ago

Well apparently I can’t download it since there’s an unusually high server load and can’t open the store heh :smiley:

milkywayman The servers are down, it seems. I can’t connect to the game server :stuck_out_tongue:

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Now it’s downloading, we’ll see how my beastie can run it :smiley:

milkywayman My kitty runs it 50-80fps on high/medium settings with FX8320, 16GBs RAM and R7 370. It rarely drops below 50. They could optimize the game a bit more, though.


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Katsuo Well my beastie is a bit older :smiley: Phenom II 940 BE OC’ed to 3.6GHz with 8GB ram and a HD7950 :stuck_out_tongue:

Katsuo My lil beast is running it 80+ fps, often times over 100 on ultra settings. It’s not bad but definitely seen some bugs they need to work out.

Only0neKnight I have from 23 fps to 180 XD

Well apparently I can run it about 40fps :smiley: And in the loading screen it hits 200fps, woohoo :smiley: Lol :smiley:

milkywayman I have from 23-180 fps but in game its 23-70 max