Bayonetta 2

Holy fuck this game is fucking good!..and I’ve only played 20 minutes so far! Seemingly at a solid 60fps! Glad I didn’t touch the WiiU version. I don’t need to explain what the game is so I’ll post more later!

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I wish it was on PC/PS4

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If it were, that’s where I’d be playing.

Did you get the first Bayonetta with the second?

Maybe? I already have it on pc though.

I think you get it for free on switch. Doesn’t hurt replaying it on switch too haha

Not a chance lol

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Must have been limited time. However, now that I have bayonetta 2, bayonetta 1 shows up as 66% off.

Not bad but meh. I thought it was forever free for Bayonetta 2 owners. Nintendo bad boi

Meh, I completed it about a month ago on steam anyway.

Fuck amiibos. I got 12 canadian rupees and an android phone!

Look at all my totally legitimate amiibos!


Just beat it! Fuck I love these games! Recommended!

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Play dante’s inferno :wink:

Isn’t that a movie

And a game. On PS3 and X360. Pretty cool game. Similar to Bayonetta and DMC games.

Is it on psnow? I’m not buying a ps3 or 360 lol

I have no idea how you check which games are on PS Now haha
The German Playstation page is completely different than any other Playstation page.

If nothing, you can always emulate the thing. The game wasn’t popular because EA decided to abandon it and stop any further sequels. Trash EA as usual

Nope : (

To lazy to emulate…also it wouldn’t look good stretched to 1440p.

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