Beautiful Games

Looking for some recommendations on games that are graphically gorgeous. I feel like I’m aware of the most stunning ones like The Witcher 3 and others, but in case I’m not, please note the ones that come to mind. I love games with grand views, nature, wildlife, etc. Alan Wake also comes to mind as one that did this so well. So yeah, chime in!

Rise of the Tomb Raider,
Final Fantasy 13,
Quantum Break,
Far Cry 3 and Primal,
Horizon: Zero Dawn,
Black Desert Online,
Mass Effect: Andromeda,
The Last of Us,
Uncharted series,
Red Dead Redemption,
Forza Horizon,
Shadow of Colossus,
Metal Gear Solid V: TPP,
Dark Souls 3,
GTAV with a mod or two,
Final Fantasy XIV,
The Order 1886,
Killzone: Shadow Fall,
Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen,
Don’t Starve,
Ori and the Blind Forest,
Infamous: Second Son,
Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Wildlands
Final Fantasy XV

That’s without googling. Want more?


I’m lazy so I’ll just differ to what Katsuo said : ]

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gord0 No, you don’t differ to anything here :wink:


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Crysis series

Arma III (This is one of the best games ever made,realism is insane, solo you might score from 80-120 fps or making your own CO-OP server… while most of the multiplayer games have fps issues due to being hosted on bad servers.) If you have AMD CPU skip it.

Squad (If you have AMD CPU skip it)

Doom-is nice XD I have more but lazy to write

Minecraft above 8k with 64x AA

Katsuo Pretty much every game you mentioned are ones I agree with/have played. I’m afraid there aren’t gonna be ones I haven’t heard of before :frowning:

sYnCroSis The Vanishing of Ethan Carter

sYnCroSis Do you know, this one?

Or maybe Persona games?
These games are pretty but they don’t really give you the open world grand HOLY MOLLY view. But they are pretty!

Also Dragon Quest Heroes 2 is pretty as well. But I’m not sure if you like JRPGs.
Talos Principle is beautiful as well.
Furi is amazing too.
Toukiden games are also prettyyyyyyy.
Monster Hunter gamesssssssss

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

LIMBO & INSIDE have their own beauty in their starkness

Elite:Dangerous if you like shots of massive planets or stars set against the vast blackness of the void.


Borderlands 2

Sgt_T8ie What’s wrong with Elite? The reviews are all over the place. I kinda want a game like Elite. I like spaceeee

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My face

Katsuo There’s nothing wrong with Elite - it’s just that gamers are not the same as they were in the 80’s.

Think of Elite:Dangerous as a slow burning investment. It’s what you make of it. You can do anything & go anywhere(ish). This all takes place inside a living galaxy - a news report comes out about a large scale battle occurring at a border system between separatists & loyalists - players can choose to “flock” to that system (“flock” as in maybe a dozen as everyone else is on the other side of the galaxy doing there own shit) & fight battles which are tallied up & then at the end of the day/week whatever the outcome is decided. Maybe the loyalists won & now the space stations need massive amounts of repairs - so a call goes out asking players to ship 150B tonnes of raw materials to the system to rebuild. Or any other number of things can happen. But only if you interact with the world. The game doesn’t tell you what to do it, it gives you the option to see what you want to do & try it.

But outside of that it’s a grind. You need to grind your way to money via trading, missions, bounty hunting or exploring. It’s a simulation of a career as a small space pilot. But a lot of people don’t like that. They want action, they want mass PVP, fast travel & the ability to make a huge difference in an epic story. For me I don’t care, I’ve worked out that it’s my own story & I’ll make it myself. I see it reflecting my life in that my own existence doesn’t impact the Milk Way in any great way, but by doing what I do I make a difference to my own existence & that’s what matters.

It’s relaxing, has a huge learning curve, beautiful, grindy & I wish I could commit more time to it.

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Sgt_T8ie Thank youuuuuu. Two words I wanted to see in your lil review. Relaxing and grind. Will buy the game on sale. I kinda got tired of all these fast paced games. And by fast paced, I mean, “do everything in 5 hours” fast paced. I want to sit down and explore the game for hours. And that’s one of the reason why I like Soulsborne games. The world is huge and you spend a lot of time exploring. And the game rewards you for that. That’s also why I like Wildlands and Endless Space. The more time I spend exploring around, the more I like the game.

Am I getting old? XD

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Katsuo yes, I can confirm you’re getting old XD

How about that Steep game? The one where you skied down mountains. Someone here had it and it looked like it had really nice views and graphics.

Also, my current fav, Conan Exiles has really nice grandiose views also.

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Arsononion I really do have to finish Crysis 3 when I can game again.

Sir_diealot I did it 3 times XD

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