Currently i’m installing Battlefield 1, i’m gunna play until i can’t walk hahaha…what are you planning to play so much ? eks dee

WoW is still the majority of my time. I can’t stop. Halp

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teh_g I wanted to play Bf1 for a long time but due to work and stuff couldnt XD

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I think you have me as a friend there, we can hook up for a little though not long, my ins. is jerking me around on my painkillers so I can’t do much lately but I think maybe a round or two.

Sir_diealot Currently im playing single player will see to buy it around 20th February… since the contract for my job expired and i quit due to some issues I dont believe ill be getting paid but still i believe they will pay me because i worked whole month… but they said they will sue me if i dont continue to work for them lol

I played Dirt Rally like over 370 Hours and about 5000 Hours Trackmania United, yet i still can walk, so Samy has to play 10k hours now :wink:

Arsononion pirate or you bought it? :smiley:

Adnan_Popara arrrrrghghghh m8 XD

Arsononion I thought I’d download pirate (I dont care what everyone thinks about that) but 50 gigs for a 5 hour singleplayer is not worth it. Plus, it seems ppl didnt really like SP much in the first place :smiley:

Adnan_Popara I loved it :smiley: Although MP is where the action is :smiley:

milkywayman really? damn xD Im on the fence here now haha :smiley: 50 gigs is a lot for my 2 mbps download speed xD

Adnan_Popara yeah, it was a slow download for a couple of days :smiley:

Adnan_Popara 18.9 gbs full game XD took me two days single player is epic and ill buy it probably on disocunt and if i get paid for my work XD

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I enjoy it so much i replayed planes mission 6 times already lol

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Arsononion pm me the link if you can please :smiley: is there any chance the game is supported by tunngle?

Adnan_Popara check your facebook :stuck_out_tongue: “other folder”

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