Bought a GTX 1060 off a friend.

Bought a 1060 off a friend from work for $200 CDN. Man I never realized just how aged my Radeon 7950 was until today.

I was testing every game I had that I couldn’t run on max settings today. Got to the surge and was able to beat a boss I was stuck on while messing around. I guess because I went into the fight without caring about it at all. I picked up on a strategy to get past the first stage easy without getting hit once.

Also can’t wait for wildlands to finish updating. I had to play it on the lowest settings possible before. That and Soul Calibur 6. Every now and then I use to have drops below 60fps. Hopefully that will stop but that also has an update.

Now I just need to get faster internet than 2Mbits per second. Now that 5Mbits is possible in my area.


Low settings gaming is the best gaming

I prefer gaming on my phone.


There is a monster hunter game on phone. It’s amazing. Highly recommended!

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Also Command and Conquer Rivals, Diablo Immortal :laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


But i was serious about monster hunter. It’s really good. 25 euros though.

Wow look at that. A $21 monster hunter game on mobile. I don’t know how I feel about that.