Bundle Stars is becoming Fanatical

“Bundle Stars is changing its name to Fanatical from Wednesday, November 1st, and we’re delighted to invite you on the next leg of our exciting journey.”

More info:


What for?

Money laundering ayyyyyyyyy


Trying to be edgy? I preferred bundle stars

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Another company that I don’t care that it exists…by any name.

no particular reason :slight_smile: obviously someone in marketing had a brain fart


They probably paid big bucks to some research company that told them to rebrand lol. Also guessing they’re going to start leaning more away from bundles and expand the storefront. And the blog… I’m sure people will read that…

They’re bonus 5~10% off deals on top of sale prices they do once in awhile has has me using them sparingly. Only other one I’ve used besides Steam itself and Humble. Even got a bundle or three from them in their earlier days.

MARKET RESEARCH! :man_shrugging:

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Nice and cheap bundle. :smiley: