Butt Stallion - June Gamer Challenge

Just finished The Walking Dead Season 3 or The New Frontier. I loved it. Totally awesome. It is as good as the first season with Lee, just more action. I cant decide what season was the best between the two. 8/10 I can easily recommend this to anyone during the Steam Summer Sales. And we have a comfirmation: Season 4 incoming :stuck_out_tongue:

ButtStallion I had to stop playing this because of my surgery, can’t wait to play it again, they do such a great job with them.

It’s over now so I’ll play them. Didn’t want to have to wait in betweeeen

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ShiftySatchmo Bloodborne

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Katsuo but of course

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How did I miss this for so long? Totally worth the 1 euro I spent on this, loved it. The story, the setup, the writing, the gameplay, even the graphics looked fine even if it is old. Creepy. Usually I am not a horror guy but I enjoyed playing this. Liked the episodic structure and all the cliffhangers, made me continue. But it was not hard even on hard. I had plenty of ammo and weapon and rarely died. And when you play it the first time hard is the hardest option you can choose. Second you can play it on nightmare. Maybe next year :stuck_out_tongue: 8,5/10