ButtStallion - 2019 Gamer Challenge


South Park The Fractured But Whole All DLC so far (Hard) - 2019.01.04. - 6,5/10

Started the year with something funny. Bought the Season Pass during winter sale. Just before talking about the story dlcs: Do not buy the season pass full price, -75% at least. But I guess I am the only one here playing SP. From Dusk Till Casa Bonita is a very short dlc with vampire kids in the famous restaurant. You get a new hero class but that is all. Nothing memorable. The Bring The Crunch dlc is almost triple the size of the first story dlc and it is better as well. A new hero class again but with much more story, cinematics, quests, Mint-Berry Crunch as new companion, sick dead jokes and stuff to do, I liked this one way better. This is real South Park. Love it.

Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth - 2019.01.05. - 9/10

Amazing story, hundreds of beautiful handpainted backgrounds, the soundtrack, the voice acting…This is not even a game, but art. Loved every minute of it even when sometimes was a little slow. This is how you make a good point and click game Telltale, just saying. I know this is not a popular genre and not many people play this kind of games but give it a try until there is a Wolf among us 2 or something. Oh and after the game I am thinking of reading the book as well.


Finished SP yesterday and The Pillars of the Earth today. Thank you @ShiftySatchmo again for the key, I chose the best from that list :smiley:


Yakuza is better




You are meh


You are meh on steam


You are kslt9