ButtStallion - November Gamer Challenge

Finished Ryse: Son of Rome on hard. Wow, that was good. Still awesome graphic and animation in 2017. I love this time period in history so I was eager to play this, but waited for a new controller. Fine story, great fighting mechanism and epic visuals shortly. It was not even hard on hard, you just had to perfectly time the blocking and evading or you were dead in 5 seconds. Epic gore finishers, enjoyed watching them every time, never become boring. Solid game, not too long, but I think it is the perfect lenght for this game, because the fighting started to become repetitive, because all you did is fight the same 4 type of every. But for this lenght, this worked fantastic, the cinamatics are also a good point, loved to see Rome and the legionaries. So this game earned a solid 7,5/10 from me.


Finished Deus Ex: Revision on hard. 22 hours, I was a bit quick, sorry. For Deus Ex 1 beginners, the lenght of the game starts around 40 hours. Easy walk in the park. But the realistic difficulty is nonsense, you die from one shot 95% of the time. I am not that masochist. This was still a challenge, because they really revisioned this version. A lot of rebuild maps, which I liked. Except UNATCO HQ, that was an unnecessary labirynt. Some were surprisingly good, the layout and the visuals as well. Some were just updated old ones. This is why I dont get it. Some maps are the same as the original, some random are totally reworked. What was the system behind this? Do or do not, but there is no try. :smiley: I like the GMDX mod better which only updates the renderer so you can use widescreen resoultions and some HD textures. This one a “half” revision version.

If you never played the first Deus Ex:

  • Shame on you
  • You can start with this, because you won’t notice the differences as I.
  • Supports modern systems and resolutions.
  • A LOT of achievements

So did I enjoy it? Of course. But not because of the revision, but because of the old core game. Nice try, but nothing amazing, it was a good experience once, but I probably won’t use it again.
Original game: 11/10
Revision: 5/10



I tried playing deus ex the original game with the remaster but couldnt get into it… only one I ever been able to finish was Revolution. I have Mankind but cant seem to get into it and it feels harder then Revolution to play.

gorkie And I finished Mankind Divided on the hardest difficulty with permadeath :stuck_out_tongue: * proud *

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Finished Deus Ex Invisible War on hard. Believe it or not, never managed to beat it. Or wanted to finish it. Because this is a huge disappointment from the original game. But I wanted a true Deus Ex run in the last months of the year aaaand…the hardest part is over. 9 hours. The lenght of the game is not the only problem. The creators and dear Warren Spector wanted to make a Deus Ex game that is more “mainstreamed” = shorter, easier, less complicated in game mechanics, story and utterly garbage graphics for console gamers. Well done, managed to make the worst sequel of all time in my book. And it hurts more because this is the sequel of my favourite game. I expected nothing good from this and it worked. Did it for the story and nothing else. It was great to see some old places, that is the only good point in the game :smiley:
But my fustration started with launching the game. This game is $hit if not running on a Windows XP. The game crashes during every load if you manage to get to the main menu. There is an unofficial patch and a program I needed to configure to even start the story. I can’t believe that a Steam or GOG version is this bad. Worst console port ever. Compatibility zero. !!!You need a unofficial program to run in the background, because the game crashes during loads. You need this program because it shuts down the crashed game then relaunches the game where the load stopped and you can continue your game after some screen flashes. Never heard of this before during my 15 years of gaming. !!!
Because of the shorter but still great conspiracy story and some nostalgic moments and places my final GX rate is 3/10

ps: OMG what is this UI?


buttstallion said in ButtStallion - November Gamer Challenge:

utterly garbage graphics for console gamers

What’s with the console hate?

Annoying UI = for console players
loading screens after every door because hardware is useless = for console players
Unfixable mouse sensitivity and controls = for console players

I have no problem with consoles. They play, I play. But making game chancing decisions for them and then giving me this crap port is too much :smiley:

katsuo And maybe I am more furious because this is Deus Ex and not an avarage game for me :smiley: