Bye-bye Humble Monthly, hello(again) Elite Dangerous

As I wind down Ghost Recon: Wildlands (there’ll be a few more posts on that, with screenshots etc. to come) I started to contemplate what I should move on to… and one game kept poking at me Elite Dangerous.

So after a 15 month hiatus I’m returning to Elite Dangerous. I’ve gotten hold of a HOTAS set up and intend to also grab Voice Attack and some HCS Voice Packs to improve the immersion. The latter two items will add voice activated commands to the ship & also automated responses to simulate an AI computer. I figure if it works well I should be able do some short videos to show off why this game captivates me so much.

In order to accommodate this I’m cancelling my Humble Bundle - the price of the monthly subscription will allow me to purchase a new HCS Voice package each month. The upside is that over the past 6 months the Humble Monthly has eliminated about 80% of my most wanted on my wishlist, as such I’m happy to miss out on anything else, to ensure my already out of control backlog doesn’t balloon out even further.

So why return? In short my mentality. I’m in a mindset where I just need a game to let me be me without any requirement to progress, other than what I want to do. I just want/need to immerse myself fully inside a game & not worry about how I’m tracking against a community. I just want to fly around looking at gas giants & asteroid belts. So this will be the game I will be committing the majority of my late night gaming time to, at least until my gaming needs change again.

Sgt_T8ie I want to like elite I just can’t get into it. Granted, I barely played

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ShiftySatchmo I fully agree - I had a huge post written up as to why I’m giving this another shot. But after 67hrs I feel that I haven’t even started to scratch the surface & that in itself is daunting.

That’s why I’m re-entering this in my current headspace - just as a means to relax & cruise.

I like the game, but im having so many issues with the controls it became frustrating!

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Gorkie yes, it has a huge learning curve, and it normally involves a lot of mistake making. The tutorials are a big help to just get the hang of some of the controls… but nobody got time for that :slight_smile: I know I certainly didn’t & just jumped in. And then went back and learnt how to dock & take off properly XD

Last night, I should have recorded my return to the cockpit… because I launched & literally couldn’t get out of the space port! I got myself wedged initially inside the mail slot & then I bounced around the interior of the port to the point I got trespassing fines & a countdown timer to evacuate the area… I finally made it with 12seconds to spare! My issue? I had my thrusters set to reverse engines, I thought it was a press & hold to initiate, but it’s a toggle! Epic Space Fail.


I like the game but the controls aren’t responsive on my side. Maybe it has something to do with not owning the game?


Sgt_T8ie You can safely return now. With the Horizons expansion it’s even better, and now there are mystical alien events happening all over the 'verse.
Cal Johnson is my in-game character so feel free to invite me to your wing when I’m playing. :smiley:

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Zmajuga Considering getting Horizons, but at the moment don’t see the point as landing & crafting sounds like more busy work… what does Horizons add in your opinion. Would like tohear from an actual owner :slight_smile:

Also I’m CMDR Caffeine Low :wink:

Katsuo said in Bye-bye Humble Monthly, hello(again) Elite Dangerous:

I like the game but the controls aren’t responsive on my side. Maybe it has something to do with not owning the game?

Luckily there is a work around… purchase this handy add on (yes you need to pay, but the best solutions are worth it)
Download, install & you should now find an unbelievable increase in controls.

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Sgt_T8ie Vanilla ED is the classic ED in new skin. Horizons are nice expansion which, I must be honest, was too expensive for the worth of the content you get. Just like you I was initially sceptical about the Horizons, but I waited for the discount and since my friend bought it I also broke the bank and got it. So far I had some great time finding and exploring ancient ruins on planets, collecting data about mystical aliens and their history, as well as doing trade routes ad passenger transport to the planets and back. There are also engineers which can improve your ship(s). The Thargoids are coming back in the next 2.4 patch “The Return”.

My advice is save the money and wait for the patch 2.4. I’ll gladly provide you with the info how the patch will be connected with Horizons and how it expands the play. :smiley:

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Zmajuga Awesome :slight_smile: At the moment Horizons is 33% off during Steam sale, but even then I don’t see myself needing it until I’ve learnt to fly & fight correctly. I’m in a Cobra mk3 at the moment & I’ve quite a few mistakes to get where I am, all of it simply due to me trying stuff out not knowing what would happen.

Missing out on the Thargoids would be a shame though… and that’s what I was wondering- if I’m in Vanilla I never get to come across Thargoids? I understand I can’t investigate the ruins & start/progress that mini-story, but surely at some point Thargoids are going to start appearing in space en-masse… will they be Horizon only Instances, or available in Vanilla too? This is the question that plagues me.

Sgt_T8ie said in Bye-bye Humble Monthly, hello(again) Elite Dangerous:

k3 at the mom

It would be fair that they appear to everyone.

Zmajuga what is fair to customers & what actually happens is one of the rotten things about the gaming industry :confused:

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An update. A calm before the storm. :smiley:

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Zmajuga yeah - there was a lot of streamer activity yesterday over this. Watched a little bit, looks to be heating up out there :slight_smile: