Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Campaign

Gotta admit, the campaign looks pretty damn good. I didn’t liked how they slowed down the multiplayer but campaign looks promising. Check the link below to see some campaign videos.

IGN says the campaign is noooo good

ShiftySatchmo Ummm they literally didn’t say anything about the freaking game other than the guns are weak in early game, that the game feels slow to them and that they don’t know how to fly with the Jackal without the HUD. What about the story? What about the characters in the story? Is it good? Is it bad? I don’t care if the guns are weak and that you have to look for a cover if you get injured. I want to know if the story is actually good. The main thing in the campaign is the storyline IMO and they just skipped THAT in the article. This is worse than Eurogamer’s “The game is obsessed with death”. I mean, they are soo totally right. The game should be about flowers and life. Because the name ‘Infinite Warfare’ totally implies to living and sunshine. sarcasm
I feel like the game is being hated even from their side just because it isn’t Modern Warfare or COD2.

ShiftySatchmo Meh, after watching some gameplay vids, I feel Titanfall 2 is still better than COD IW. Both of 'em look cool and I’d play 'em. But I’m not sure if COD IW is still worth the $60 price. Because the multiplayer is complete garbage. And Titanfall 2 is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay superior there. Gonna check some zombies gameplay vids. If that’s good, then the $60 is justifiedddd

I still dream of the Battlefield this is meh XD

WTF did I just watch? This space battle is wrong in so many ways. :angry:

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Zmajuga Yay another Sci-fi for dummies experience … Muzzle flash and explosions sounds in a 0 Oxygen enviroment … :facepalm:

Katsuo they say the campaign has good acting but isn’t good. Stuff like a guy hates a robot in one mission and they are best buds in the next for no reason. Stuff like that.

Gamespot loves the campaign and gave the game 8/10 if that makes you feel better.

ShiftySatchmo Gamespot was paid by Activision to give such a high score xD

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1.9 score LOL

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So the rumor is true :smiley:

MeFFFlenn said in Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Campaign:

Zmajuga Yay another Sci-fi for dummies experience … Muzzle flash and explosions sounds in a 0 Oxygen enviroment … :facepalm:

I don’t even mind explosions and muzzle flashes, but “Press button to evade an enemy”. WTF. Not to mention that single fighter eliminated couple of destroyers. XD

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Steam database on Monday morning:

Current Players - Peak - Game

6,609 - 26,044 - Farming Simulator 17
4,757 - 15,436 - Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare

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I can’t even… XD

ButtStallion Farming Simulator is a good game though

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So I just tried out the dirty copy of Infinite War. I was curious, because I am interested in good scifi stories. And didn’t played CoD since Kevin Spacey :smiley: So I launched the game, set every option on max and started on hard. The graphics is sometimes avaragae, sometimes great, and my rig can run it with 60-80 fps, depending on the action. But that fcuking stuttering. Annoying little (or sometimes huge) stuttering even with high fps count. Completely ruins the feeling. Not just ruining, I couldn’t wait to finish the mission and quit the game to calm down. Avarage story, avarage graphics, boring characters so far, but I will continue to play it… If I can avoid a massive seizure because of the stuttering.

ButtStallion Give me the link of the dirty copy. I want to try it myself XD