Finally! !@$%$#(&#(%JGJDGUG&Uiujhgfuahsfiugahfu!^*&^!!! FINALLY!!!

One more mission remaining… Grand Champ. Still, Rocket League just hit 25 Million players. I’m sure that’s all time, not active, but active still has to be in the millions, even if it’s the low end… and I’m ranking in the top 1.8% of the world at the moment. I’m feeling pumped up! Best part is, I was able to do this without a team… I should look for a team because getting to Grand Champ will be insanely hard… anyways, dance with me everyone…DANCE!

0_1507699509426_RL 3.bmp



Is there a game you cant win? :smiley:

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Great job, I have to get that one day, was going to get it in the Humble Bundle but did not have the money at the time.

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I’m not gonna dance. I’m jealous.

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Grats!!! that is awesome!!!

I feel so priviledged that you let me on your team once. can I has your autograph? :slight_smile:


Wake me up when you’re grand champion :sleeping: