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Day 722
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Day 723
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Day 724
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Day 725
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Day 726
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Day 727
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Day 728
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Day 729
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LETS GO BIG NUMBER 730 aka 2 YEAR MARK!!! You better include a ton of emoji’s!


Day 730

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Well here we are. The second anniversary of what started as a nice quest from @sYnCroSis two years ago. Last year (to celebrate the first anniversary) he gifted me more games than I managed to finish in a year, :wink: but also a big donation to the Autism Speaks Inc. and I’m really grateful for that. I also want to thank @teh_g and @ShiftySatchmo for the COD WWII and especially for the donations to SGDQ event which I hope we’ll all support together this year.

This year was also special for me because my work coleagues and I managed to finish a museum project which included persons with Dawn Syndrome and also be part of the organization of World Dawn Syndrome Day event in my town called “Colorful Socks”.

Awareness is the biggest thing we can do for the people in need so I continued to do it in the second year and will continue to do it in the future.

Thank you all for your support and last but not the least special thanks goes to @ButtStallion who was torch bearer while I was away.

Live long and prosper. :vulcan_salute: and May the force be with you! :+1:


WOOO, congrats on keeping up for two years.


Congrats you monkey butt… Now, time to bleed the old bank account…


No bleeding please, this is PG13 topic. :smiley:


I did manage to figure out how to make a custom badge for you in Discourse :smiley:


Nice work bud!


I love it. Thanks. :smiley:

I have a small request. Let it be for everyone who participate in any form of charity.


Your wish is my command.


Awesome job! Thank you for your big heart. Keep it up :wink: :innocent: @Zmajuga :innocent:



sYnCroSis: Hi Alen
sYnCroSis: are you there
Zmajuga: Yes
sYnCroSis: good

Keeps bombarding me with a salvo of games.

sYnCroSis: enjoy and congrats
sYnCroSis: great job on another great year
sYnCroSis: Have a good weekend :slight_smile:
sYnCroSis is now Offline


A big thank you @sYnCroSis for:

Nier Automata
Dishonored 2
Dishonored 2 - Assassins pack DLC
Splinter Cell Blacklist
Splinter Cell Conviction
Hellblade: Senua Sacrifice
Crash Bandicoot Nsane Trilogy

These are, without a doubt, great games and I promise I’ll finish them all, starting with Hellblade: Senua Sacrifice. :smiley: :joystick:


Hellblade first is a good choice!