Company Sponsorship?

I see alot of people who get sponsorship to build PC’s, and then do reviews. So my question is how do you get these Sponsorships? Where can someone new to it with no resources start?

Sounds like a question for Enos_Tech_Reviews but my guess is you need to build some credibility as a reviewer before they’ll invest in you.

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ShiftySatchmo What I was figuring tbh, guess ill have to start looking into making some unboxing / review vids in the future.

I think most of it is just making your own videos and such, then reaching out to companies to get review samples.

I tried to do it and most of replays were “f*** off mate you live in zanzibar” … While some people just created unboxing stuff and companies give them products which they need to return

Honestly, it can be quite hard and frustrating to get into if you are trying to do it on your own. You’ll either want to build a website and decent social media presence or you will want to get your YouTube going.

IF you’re going to do just YouTube, you need to have some decent editing skills and make some nice videos or have some sort of edge or everyone else. When just starting out, don’t worry about getting the latest and greatest gear to review/video make sure whatever content you have is top notch. You will also want to get a following before asking for things and don’t worry if you don’t hear back from companies, contact them ever few weeks until they do reply in some way or form.