Console gamers, you need to downgrade to get best quality

I recently ordered a 1080p monitor for console gaming. Main reason is that my main monitor is 34" 1440p. So my ps4/wii-u/wii and some time in the near future switch all get upscaled and lose quality. Also, when/if I ever get a ps4 pro, it can only render in two ways. The first being in 1080 internally (and then either displayed as is on a 1080p screen or upscaled to whatever res the monitor is). The second being rendering internally twice at something close to 1440p then combining to output at something close to 4k. It is then either displayed at 4k, or downsampled to whatever the res of the monitor is. There is no good option for anyone with a >1080p monitor. No good games will be 4k60 and scaling from 1440p to 4k and back down to 1440p is worse than scaling 1080p to 1440p.

So I got this 22" 1080p monitor:

The quality upgrade playing on my ps4 is fucking nice (in contrast to the upscaling i was doing before)! The smaller size also makes the pixel density roughly the same as my larger monitor. Whereas a larger 1080 monitor would likely look worse than upscaling to 1440p.