Cooler Master MasterKeys L & S PBT Mechanical Keyboard Reviews and Giveaway

Slowly getting back to it!

The last option on the contest says “Bonus entry for my subscribers”, but it leads to Cooler Master’s Youtube.

Also, I enter because I love you, not because I need this keyboard :smiley:


Look I’m entering, because I love me my Cooler Master mech keyboards, I’d love an 3rd one to add to the mix, especially a “S” version. I’d have let to my Cougar Attack 600K go, but I use that to match my orange HOTAS …

I’m not greedy, just obsessive!

Sharing to spread the love!

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I will opt out of this one and wish everyone the best of luck. Why? Because of hand problems I can’t use a strait keyboard, they cause my hands massive pain which is why I keep buying these.

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