CPU fan died!

Yup, that’s right, one of my H80’s fans have just died on me! At least there is still one fan left spinning and that happens to be the ‘push’ so it is in the best config that it can be in really. :head_bandage:

At least it’s easy replaceable. :smiley:

That’s somewhat true, I’m going to have to find a like for like replacement otherwise I’ll be putting an increased force on one fan or the other and in time that’ll probably die too. My best bet would be to replace both fans but in all honesty my H80 is past it’s ‘best before’ date so once my brother takes his stupidly big TV out my way I might find myself reverting to my old Xigmatek HDT S1283 IF it’ll fit in this S340 case.


Techtu84 I happen to have the fans off a corair h80, and I could prob spare won if need be.

Only0neKnight I may take you up on that offer, I’ll see where I am at in a couple of days with it. Thank you in advance.

Techtu84 Let me know, ill help if I can :slight_smile: