Crysis Remaster?

I played Crysis 2 for about an hour. Couldn’t finish it because at the time, my PC was older than Greece. I might do a Crysis marathon.


Do it. It’s not a benchmark anymore. I’m actually sad because I know ea won’t do anything but fuck it up should they choose to make another.

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You’re probably right. All I know, EA is gonna make the game look extremely pretty. That’s about it.

The first crysis was really good. Part 2 was alright but wayyyy more linear so it lost some of what I enjoyed about the first one. Haven’t played 3 yet. It’s just sitting in my library.

The trilogy is like 10 bucks so I might pick it up if I’m bored enough.

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I meant they would fuck up C4…though I wouldn’t put it past them to add microjank to a remaster. Activision’s done it with some of their remasters.

They’re good games. : ]

Nice I would 100% be down for a crysis remaster. The first crysis runs like crap for how old it is. Apparently because at the time they expected CPUs to increase in clock speed rather than more cores. Not sure if that’s true or not but I do know Crysis 3 runs mildly worst on my computer but looks a million times better.

It’s on steam now : ]

Not giving money for trash remasters :]

Anyone tried the Remastered yet?

I remember hearing something was wrong with it but I forget what. Don’t know if it was fixed or not.

Yes it is still a boring tech demo :smiley:

If the game is in the same state as it was in this video (sept 2020), I’m not touching it.

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