Dark Souls 2 community plans to flood the servers with new and returning players

Can’t wait for this. This is why I love the Dark Souls community. Every now and then there’s an event like this to keep older Dark Souls games going. Ayyyyyyyyy

I would like to try the series myself but I had seen a guy that I watched stream quite frequently lose his temper real fast with the first or second one because it was not optimized for M&KB at the time anyway so I have avoided it because that is all I use to play games other than racing games. I love games with edged weapons though.

Sir_diealot Dark Souls 2 is playable on keyboard and mouse but it’s definitely better on a controller. But Dark Souls 1 on keyboard and mouse, oh god, that’s definitely the hardest boss in the game haha
Dark Souls 3 is also playable with a keyboard and mouse.

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Good to know, I may get a controller but have other priorities right now. I will get the PS4 Wireless controller when and if I do.

I hate myself for not having SOTFS -_-