Darksiders Genesis

Finished Darksiders Genesis on Xbox Game Pass thing. Fantastic game and super underrated. The story is decent, gameplay is something you’ll see in Diablo 3, Victor Vran or even the Van Helsing series. Visually the game is prettyyyy and soundtrack is something I’m definitely gonna listen in the future. Both Strife and War are fantastic characters and I loved the voice acting. Strife reminds me a lot of Cayde 6 from Destiny 2.

The only 2 complaints I have:

  • Camera is pretty wonky sometimes. Sometimes you won’t be able to see Strife/War because of how tall the buildings are
  • Super short story and left with a cliffhanger. There will definitely be a sequel.

Overall, I’ll rate it 8/10. I haven’t played other Darksiders games so I can’t really compare them to this. Especially now that Genesis is in a completely different genre. I hope they’ll expand the story and the gameplay a bit for the sequel.

The game is literally on every platform including the Switch. I believe there is a sale on Steam as well. Pick it up!


So they still couldnt fix the camera. It ruined everything. Make it transparent ffs.

It didn’t happen too much so I can’t really say that “it ruined everything”. But it definitely is annoying when a giant boulder blocks half of your screen.

Me and my friend tried the game a yeear ago, didd the first map couch coop and we weree raging, falling down etc, it got uninstalled fast. Surprising, because I love Darksiders lore.