This is my next game!

It’s another good indie game! I’m not sure how to explain it other than… The puzzles of portal without portals and the speed of Mirror’s Edge without parqour… It’s got me hooked (there are no hooks).

Runs perfect in windows with max settings at 1440p with crossfire enabled. Has a fluctuating framerate in Ubuntu 16.04 with same settings. I could have lowered graphics settings but… no, I always eat my cake whilst I having it. ; ]

Will post more after I beat it!

I enjoyed this game a lot. Great FPS runner with a puzzle elements. :thumbsup_tone1:

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Holy crap this game is good. My heart is thumping but I need to goto bed lol. I also think I’m at the last level.

Just beat the game! None of you are allowed to not play this game. You also must beat it!

Use kb+mouse, you need the accuracy.