Death Stranding - Action game with an open world

I still have no idea what the game is still.

You feel sounds by plugging yourself into a baby.


There are still to many “stills” in this topic. :stuck_out_tongue:


Who played it?

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Currently downloading it still. My internet is garbage so I probably won’t get into the game until tomorrow.

I’m waiting for pc.

I received the copy but won’t play it until I finish the other 60 games I have

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Yeah I was actually thinking about finishing outer worlds before diving into Death stranding.

Thankfully not an Epic games store exclusive.

For now. It comes out in summer, epic has time to fuck it up.

Started playing this last week. Don’t know if I could recommend it to people because it comes across as being an acquired taste, at least gameplay wise. I’m loving it so far though.

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This is my next game. It’s such a pretty game. It’s also really weird. Has a weird theme going on. It’s definitely interesting.

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Would you say it is overall weird though?

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Well, you are plugging a baby into Norman’s ass so he can see ashes of dead people while trying to restore America by delivering monthly subs to monster energy drinks to people that are not people because they’re holograms, whereas you burn dead bodies in an incinerator which causes you to have allergic reactions and that’s why you cry in middle of nowhere while carrying a rope that’s made of your blood.

So…answer to your question can’t be anything else than…yes.


Sounds kojima


I’m waiting for the summer at the earliest. Smell my own farts with modern graphics!

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Best description I heard about the game is “This game took fetch side quests, and made it the entire game”.

Insanely accurate description. I really enjoyed the game personally though.

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