Diablo IV Announced

Diablo IV trailer just played at BlizzCon.

They said they want to bring it back to the dark roots of the game (which is awesome).

PC, PS4, and Xbox One


Gooood, enough with the remasters :smiley:

But does buying Diablo 4 mean I’m turning my back on the people of Hong Kong.

Only if you also buy barely any electronics already.

I played a lot of Diablo 3 on Switch, PS4 and PC. So it is only natürlich that I’m going to buy this one too.

I played DIablo 1 and 2. Hated Diablo 3 and moved to Grim Dawn. Now it looks like they’re back to roots but not buying before I see finished game and reviews.

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I also didn’t really like Diablo 3. The rune system made it feel a lot more simplistic than Diablo 2.

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I am on the fence about buying this game, I played 1-3 I own 1-3… but I was a little disappointed in 3’s story…felt like alot of potential was cut towards the end of it and rushed…