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Figured I’d make a thread for the DiRT Rally players that have migrated here to Exodus. One thread for videos, pics, or any updates on DiRT Rally adventures (league related or not)!

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The GX League is now (and always) open!

Click here to join the GX League

Please post in this thread with your screenname when you join. The league is moderated so I have to approve you.

League members - GX Name (DiRT Rally name):

  • schlitty (Schlitty)
  • MeFFFlenn ([cHoe]MeFFF )
  • Polekatt (Polekatt)
  • felogen (felogen)
  • ButtStallion (Butt Stallion)
  • Sgt_T8ie (Cpt_Obvious)
  • Trainsmash (trainsmash)
  • jCARS (jCARS)
  • ??? ??? ??? (Rok Solid)

schlitty Did we stay in the Gtribe league? :smiley:

I’m still going strong in the GTL. Alexander runs it and hes the one who showed me the way to GamingExodus. I’d imagine he might rename the league or start a new league after this last event though. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I’m still there & here & willing to continue.

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thats the reason we all are here :slight_smile:

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I am still 4th, please dont finish the event :smiley:

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I’ve got my 360 controller again so I may have to take part in the next league. If I do, I call dibs on last place! :smiley:

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LetsGetIt1220 the great thing about this league is that there are so many levels involved. I’m down it the last percentile too & having others around me with similar times was great motivation. Amongst my RL friends I’m definitely the worst at driving games by a long way.

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I need to jump back in and finish the event if its still out there. With all the hoopla going on, and my desire to get my big modded Skyrim up and running, I haven’t been driving my Rally cars this week.

Sgt_T8ie oh no, I am the worst slowest driver here!!! :smiley:

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Polekatt I work well under pressure, up to a point & then my ego takes over :slight_smile: I’m a bona fide choker.


This one is for the people who use the cockpit camera (and in relation to using a single monitor);

So I was browsing around trying to figure out how to change my FOV(field of view) in F1 2013 actually when I came across a bunch of videos and pages explaining the importance of FOV in racing games/sims. Normally in games I just keep default FOV. Occasionally when a first-person-shooter feels boxed in I will up it. And in general this is the consensus in gaming when it comes to FOV; default or bigger! In racing games/sims a bigger FOV will give you a higher sense of speed because it shows more of your peripheral vision. Things are zooming by your sides on the edges of the monitor. And you get the added benefit of seeing cars alongside you in a racer. But your view of the track is pulled away from you and stretched.

For better results on a single monitor in cockpit you may actually want to consider a smaller FOV. It places you more “realistically” into the car and allows you to see the road ahead much more clearly; but at the cost of your peripheral visions. You lose some of that feeling of speed here. As well as it being harder to see traffic near your sides if you’re racing other cars. But with most games having a bindable ‘look behind’ or ‘look left/right’ keys and adjustable digital mirrors you can still regain some/most of this lost information.

People have all this down to such a “science” that there is even FOV calculators online where you input the size of your monitor and how far you are from the monitor and it gives you a rough estimate of what your FOV should be according to this concept. I tried a few and applied them to a variety of racing games/sims I play and got varied results but predominately good ones. I couldn’t quite crawl all the way into the tiniest of FOV’s that were suggested for my 24 inch monitor 36 inches away from my eyeballs (particularly farther than many setups because of my stand that fits in front of my desk). But I went as small as I was comfortable. And well, I started hitting corners a lot better. This especially shined through in DiRT Rally. I no longer had to live in fear of the upcoming “acute corner” my co-driver shouted out, I now can actually see it before I get there. I’ve barely just done 6 events during testing and set or come near my personal bests on all of them without a ton of effort. Just because I can simply see the trail now haha.

The main drawback for me was losing the sense of the width of my vehicle. I’ve hit walls or cut where I normally wouldn’t. This is what made me unable to commit to the recommended tiny FOV. But pulling the FOV back out some mostly fixed this issue. Still a learning experience like anything with racing games.

There’s a ton of debate and info about this topic if you do a little searching but here’s the calculator I used (chose any of the games with vFOV for DiRT Rally);

Same website’s explanation of DiRT Rally FOV settings
Site’s general explanation of FOV

Then this video was the first thing I came across. Warning; tons of info on screen at once with him talking over it. Really a messy video that was more confusing than anything but it started me on the adventure so gotta link it; YouTubey Video

Have fun out there; Don’t cut!

Edit: Oh yeah, the FOV setting in DiRT Rally is under your profile settings not regular settings. Like the same place you set your transmissions, ABS, traction control, etc. Took me awhile to find it haha.


schlitty thats really interesting!

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Polekatt Yeah, I think it had a more noticeable effect on me with how far my monitor is away but all the math or science or whatever behind it all is interesting. I’m always looking for more immersion. And it being a possible edge or at the very least a placebo doesn’t hurt either. :race_car:

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You gotta post in here MeFFFlenn when there’s a new event up! There’s only 3 people with times and like a day left on it. I just happened to notice it today.

Its a fun one too with the long stages follow by the short night ones. I enjoyed it.

You still gotta do another no restart event some time. Those are the best.

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schlitty I honestly haven’t been back in, since all the hoopla started a couple weeks ago. But thats really not an excuse, the main reason is that I just got interested in Skyrim again, and can’t keep myself from playing that most!

But I still will log in and drive some if events are there!

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I run nothing at the moment as i haven´t had any time for it, and now can´t play, because i got stupid ear infection leaving me atm in hearing everything in mono… but we can start a GX League no Problem. In fact everybody can do that, not just me. I was just the first to actually stop talking and doing things … that is all :wink:


MeFFFlenn Who the heck is running GTL then? Haha.

Some day I’ll get this game.


schlitty said in DiRT Rally Discussion:

MeFFFlenn Who the heck is running GTL then? Haha.

It was Nick or Nikoli Valenca, or Val - something or other.

See this right here is one of the things that I got hit with, as collateral damage in all the recent “stuff” that happened, and it is a perfect example of the one thing that is the major sticking point for me.

He was running the league, and doing a great job at it, and posting really good stats on all of us, he was figuring stuff on a spreadsheet from our times, that Dirt itself did not figure. Now…I can’t remember his exact name, and I have no way of finding that out, getting in touch with him, OR seeing that information any more. :angry:

Ross Parfit also was very active in it. But I don’t know if either of them are here, there, or where, or how to get back up with them and continue seeing those stats.

Nikolai Valencia

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