Division 2 beta key


No idea what they were testing. Just saying Nintendo has done it. Think of it as a “fun fact.”


Doesn’t change anything. Playing beta (or any candy coating term thereof) is working for free. Play finished games.


Yeah, I get your point. I was just saying that Nintendo has done it. I agree overall they are one of the best at getting working games to market without relying on volunteers. But you said “never” and I am a literal fellow sometimes. Carry on.


I played some beta on Division 2.

If I wanna work for free thats my business LOL. I don’t mind volunteering to help companies test, if I’m interested in the game.
If ya don’t like it, I really don’t care what you think, its my time and life.

That said, Division 2 ran fine for me. Its basically a reskin of Division 1, from what I could see. Better graphics, different city. if you like the first one, you’ll like the second one. If you didn’t like the first one, for whatever reason, I can see you feeling the same way about the second one.


Ah, then probably no sale for me unless I’m really bored. I’m not really an “end game” player either. I usually am done when the story ends.


Yeah, Shifty, I mean, as far as I could tell,the menus, the inventory system, the quartermasters you buy from, all that stuff, out of all of it, I saw NOTHING that was changed. LOL


You guys are weird. They changed the skills system, gear stats system, changes in the Dark Zone, navigation through the map is easier, the entire game is more responsive, they will add raids, more content on release, post-content will be free (which is really important), the game is overall more pretty, the maps are more alive. These are the things that every Division player wanted. The first Division was amazing after patch 1.8 dropped and they just improved all of that in the division 2.

I really don’t know what any of you expected them to change. It’s an MMO. Just like Final Fantasy 14 or WoW. The core of the game is the same but with added stuff on it.


it is called an update in a real MMO :stuck_out_tongue:


I dunno, a decent story, more variety in missions and enemy types, not having to wait until after the story is over to think it’s a good game, etc.


You had all that in the first Division after big patch. Again, they fixed and improved all the stuff in Division 2.


Boooo! Have a good game at launch.


Patches for cars are called recalls :smiley:


Thats my point Katsuo. I didn’t say it was bad. :grinning: Its just the same as division 1, to me. meaning the core of it. The skills, etc., little stuff has been changed, and yes, probably improved, if you liked the first one. But I was just saying the core of it seems exactly the same, so if you didn’t care for the way the first one was, I doubt you’d care for this one either.


I agree with you @Polekatt Only real change, in my opinion, is the setting (Washington in summer), nothing more. And I liked New York in winter more. Cold weather and survival kind a go together.


Still weird :swan: