Do loot boxes count as gambling?


katsuo haha… has microtransactions. Happy to pay to make my vessels look swag-a-licious!

It has a bad RNG-crafting grind element, if they offered loot boxes for materials to do that I’d get pretty upset & drop it.



A fine? A ban? Both?


buttstallion A Bird? A Plane?


Don’t stop fighting.


Blizzard reacts to EA’s microtransactions :smiley: And how :smiley:




Here is the first decision in Europe:


And news from the US: Rep. Chris Lee called the game a ‘Star Wars-themed online casino.’


Nice move Belgium. :thumbsup_tone2:


This is all BS. How about adults are allowed to decide what to spend their money on and parents have the sense to set up the parental controls provided to them that prevent children from making purchases in the first place? We are relying on the government making laws to make is so we don’t have to be responsible human beings anymore. Ridiculous. Everyone needs to grow up.


shiftysatchmo These adults were spending their money how they want. That’s the reason we have now games with loot boxes. Same adults couldn’t get their shit together so in order to make the adults less idiots, government has to step in and to fix what’s broken. I don’t see anything wrong in that. Also, parental control? Not all parents can control what their child is purchasing on internet.


katsuo consoles have parental controls that add extra steps to purchases. We should not rely on the government to intervene and make decisions on legal purchases. If some people are dumb and spend that much money on a video game that is their choice. Does the government stop someone from spending all of their money on other forms of entertainment?


All right, people are dumb and they should be able to spend their money on whatever they want. But the progression with the boxes influences my game as well if I dont want to spend extra money beyond the 60 euro.

I have no problem with boxes in Overwatch and Heroes of the Storm. They could do it without the internet’s rage. I am sure EA can do the same if they want.


ButtStallion battlefront ii sucks anyway haha


I say throw ALL the gov regulation you can at it. Get the garbage out of my games.
ShiftySatchmo if you want games that revolve around loot boxes, go play a mobile game and spend your adult money on gambling.


gord0 I don’t want games that revolve around lootboxes, which is why I don’t buy them :wink:

We have plenty of options. Don’t buy games that have things you dislike.


shiftysatchmo You don’t buy them? Didn’t you just bought ME: Andromeda? XD


katsuo that revolves around lootboxes to play the single player campaign successfully? I ignore the fact that those games have multiplayer at all. Seems dumb.