Do loot boxes count as gambling?


Wait what? :confused:


I think not.




EA and 2K…They just want a 2-3 year long lawsuit and continue selling loot boxes until they can.








Just bought a loot box


Gotta buy them while you still can!


What a surprise :smiley:



I’ve been playing BO4 almost every day. And the items you purchase from the black market are purely cosmetic. So not sure why the hell is that now a big deal. The same thing is in Overwatch, Rocket League and 93582759 other games.


Watch the video.




I just watched 5 minutes of it. And I still don’t get it why is it shocking lol
You unlock the skins, gestures and other cosmetic crap just by playing the game. You can speed the tier unlocking by buying the points. I’m ~50 hours in and I’m tier 90 and there are 200 tiers. And not only that, you have every weekend a black market tier xp boost which means you can get the tiers much faster than usual. Hell, even if your performance in the game is good, you’ll get bonus xp for both the prestige level and black market level. In 100+ hours you should get everything. But hey, it’s cool to make a new video about the same thing over and over again.

The video is shit and just there to gain some views.


You’re on the coolaid. It’s exactly that grindy so people will pay for tiers, They also snuck the mtx in after launch so reviewers couldn’t shit talk it at launch. Gross all around. You really should watch full videos. Saves time.