Do loot boxes count as gambling?


But it’s all cosmetic. It doesn’t affect the gameplay in any way. You just have to play the game to get stuff. And it’s not even grindy. If you bought COD, you bought it to spend hundreds of hours into the game anyway.


Meh, they could also just not be cunts. If that game had single player I’d buy on grey market once it was less than 20 canadian rupees. That’s what I’m doing for all cods and battlefields moving forward.


The only call of duty game I’m buying is the black ops call of duty. Treyarch seems to be the only dev who knows how to make a call of duty game. Every other COD is complete pile of trash. I know I got my money’s worth with BO4.

As for EA’s Battlefield…I might get the EA Premier Access or whatever it’s called when I get a PC. You get all the old/new games for $100/year.


Not a big issue for me because I rarely or never buy a game on release and this new trend is not even as big as loot boxes but stupid as fcuk. Who would pay more for a game to play it earlier?


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Totally normal


Can we correct the grammar in the title of this thread already? LOL


Are we correct this grammar on the title in that thread then? LuL




Gambling, boxes of loot art thou?


Or maybe even delete that question mark :smiley:


Yeh I’m pretty sure no one thinks of them otherwise.