Dragon Quest Heroes 2 coming on Steam April 25th 2017, worldwide!

Yes pleaseee

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@Katsuo I think we’ve found the magic formula! We’ve discovered the right set of circumstances required for one to no longer have the need to return a Koei Tecmo pc game moments after buying it. HAVE SQUARE ENIX PUBLISH THE FUCKING THING! It runs. It has all the standard pc options that somehow they usually fuck up. No frame cap! It runs at a solid 1440p60! Which shouldn’t be a surprise given the art style. Every Koei Tecmo game should be able to run on a potato given the art style. But no, not even a 1080ti can get a solid 60 in that Beserk game. But this game runs perfect! It also recognises my fucking xbox controller. A thing that literally every pc game that isn’t a Koei Tecmo game does by default. This game does it out of the box! No fuss!

The solution has always been, make Koei Tecmo into Square Enix’s bitch, and the game will run perfect.

Turns out the game is actually fun too!

Koei Tecmo is the LJN of the modern era. Every single one of their games that are on pc have serious issues…except this one. Just like LJN’s one actually good game was Spiderman and Venom: Maximum Carnage.

The only downfall is the cut scenes are video files instead of in-engine…which are 1080p30 with lower graphics settings than what you can turn them up to in game…seriously, nothing in the cut scenes is more hardware intensive than actual gameplay. Zero reason to make them videos… but I’ll give them a pass as everything else is tolerable!

So you’ve guessed correctly that this is my next game! Will post more later!


Ahhh I totally forgot about about that gem. I tried the demo on ps4. 60fps and the cutscenes were indeed 30fps haha

Maybe we should tell square Enix to buy Koei xD

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I did lol

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The game seems fairly generic and cliche so far, but good enough to play all the way through.

Nice, sounds like I’ll pick it up some day.

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It’s quite addicting once you get into the swing of things. : ]

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Just beat it! Recommended!

Like I said the story is quite cliche but the gameplay is fun! It’s also like the only Tecmo Koei pc game in recent history that I didn’t have to return. Performance is perfect. No missing options, No resolution cap. No framerate cap. Consistent framerate. It just fucking works. Now if only Square Enix would just publish all future Tecmo Koei games we’d be golden.