E3 2018 -- Unravel 2

this looks amazing though

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I heard @sYnCroSis hates Unravel.

I started playing unravel and never finished it. Not sure whyyyyyy

I beat it at some point in the last couple years. Quite satisfying.

It is a cool game. I still don’t know why I stopped playing. Probably because some other game was better :thinking:

Does origin have achievements?

Yep. Why?

Attempting to incentivise you to do a full playthrough lol

Haha, I played it on Kai’s ps4. I don’t have the game. One day I’ll steal his account again and play the game. And god of War since he bought it hihihuhuhihi

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Thread resurrection! This is my next game! It’s the same as the first but you control two yarn peeps! Quite fun so far. Running at max settings at 4k (DSR 1440p) at an average framerate between 110 and 165. Will post more later.


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Ohhhhh. I didn’t realize in SP you controlled both yarnies

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Yup, don’t need to muck about with another human.

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Annnnd just beat it. Just as good as the first one. Recommended.

How long did it take you?

10 minutes

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7 hours minus smoke breaks…and I didn’t do busywork challenges…