EGN - July 6th 2016

Hey guys,

As lots of you will know, I host gaming nights on Wednesday. Well, tonight I am playing Overwatch if anyone wants to join me. My Battle net tag is LetsgetIt#21201. I can’t get on Teamspeak but will be playing for a good couple hours when I get on.

Also, I will try to arrange next weeks better and get a vote on what games we would all like to play. Unless someone disagrees, I am thinking of making a new Thread every Monday that we can post in and vote for games. At the end of the day, I just want to game with people and wanna have friends :smiley:

Would love to join but sadly I don’t have the game and I also still at work and won’t be back home within the next two hours. :’(


LetsGetIt1220 Is Todd’s TeamSpeak still up? I haven’t heard from him, so I set one up that points to my domain instead of just an IP.

I also am waiting for a calendar plugin to get updated. We can put this kind of thing on the calendar once it is ready!

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teh_g Man, that would be mint. I always wanted some sort of calendar for it, somewhere to keep all the info so people can just hop on, see where we are and join in!

PeaceLeon Sorry man, will have to plan something when you are free :slight_smile: Been awhile since we had a game together :’(

LetsGetIt1220 Soon :tm:

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Nice! I need to get Overwatch but it will have to wait a few months still

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teh_g what is the domain for the TS?

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I will make a proper post for it “Soon”. I need to make a few channels and make sure permissions are set.

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LetsGetIt1220 Yeah we really have to do that … maybe the coming weekend? I think I will have some time to play some games than :wink:

Todd’s TS is working, and has been btw, info is in another topic.

Only0neKnight Ahh, good. I wasn’t sure if he was planning on keeping it up since I haven’t heard back from him.

teh_g Don’t remember the exact topic but info is there, he’s taken a break from social media, doing a lot of RL stuff while he can.

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