Elderscrolls Online

Well, I started playing this abit again was deleting chars I wasnt gonna play. Accidentally deleted my best crafter and I mean best had alot of research / playtime and such done. Well I put in a request to have her restored, and after some work they got back to me with a final note on it… Though im sad I couldn’t get the character back, I am very happy with the compensation they gave me cause they couldnt restore it. Here is what they finished with.


I have 0 friends and i play with 0 friends online XD and if i send such email they would tell me to fuck off XD

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I like when companies are nice. That is awesome.

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teh_g Yea, They could have basically said “Nope, sorry can’t do it be careful next time” and nothing I could have done about it except take a huge loss from the months of research I had done on that character considering some researched traits for gear take 30 days… but I am happy with the outcome even if I will miss my character.