Emerald City

Anyone else watch this one?

I’m a sucker for anything that redoes fairy tales and such.

Haven’t heard of it before.

Polekatt redoing Fairy tales … hmmm the only thing i could recommend in that section would be a book/audio book. The Cyberiad from Stanislav Lem. Kinda Brothers Grimm fairy tales remixed in space with 2 Robots as protagonists. Did i mention Robot Dragons?! XD

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teh_g It premiered at 10pm this past Friday night after Grimm.

I had seen the trailer a couple times and was looking forward to it.

Its a retelling, darker version of Oz. Since it is a TV series, things will obviously be introduced slowly, and it will take a couple episodes or maybe even a short season to get into it properly and develop storylines.

My first impression though was a good one, I’ll continue to watch it. Best short description I can come up with is it is a combination of Mad Max and Wizard of Oz.

which for me, is pretty cool. :smiley: