emotional rollercoaster

LatelyIi work so much and stuff and when i come home want to play something but after 5 minutes i get tired of all games… haven’t played Killing floor 2 for awhile and well I dont know what the hell XD Downloading some new games to try out but i don’t know why i lose interest playing alone and well just my mood for playing anything alone is a no no XD Anyone had similar times like this ? XD

ArsonSami I’ve been there a lot this last year. I ended up going back & watching my DVDs & movies or reading books instead of gaming. I was searching for anything to spark my enthusiasm again.

I also spent a lot more time reading about games and gaming last year than I did actually playing.

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Sgt_T8ie I read books about electro-mechanic stuff and learn new maps modes etc since i wanna go to college so bad :smiley:

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ArsonSami Yeah - sometimes I forget that I game to relax & have fun. So if I ever find myself not enjoying it, I’ll take that break & come back with a new sense of fun. I hope you can find the spark again soon.

I have either been to sore or uninterested a lot when it comes to gaming lately, spending much more time lifting weights and spending time outside.