Enos Techs ASUS Strix GTX 950 GPU Giveaway

Hey guys, giveaway is now live and ready for the entering. If you visit our site to see the rules, you will have to click a link to be taken to the widget where you can enter as it’s not working properly. I am working with GLEAM as we speak to try and resolve this. Otherwise, click the direct link below to go right to the widget!

Site link with rules: http://www.enostech.com/enos-techs-asus-gtx-strix-950-giveaway/

Direct link to widget: https://gleam.io/qcFkb/enos-techs-asus-gtx-strix-950-giveaway

<3 <3 <3

I think I like the thing on your site where when you scroll down, your logo get smaller and when you scroll up it gets bigger. I’m abusing this uhueuheueh. Great giveaway!


Katsuo haha abuse away my friend :smiley:

LetsGetIt1220 I’m totally making a new topic for that game :aerial_tramway:


Well, I have also managed to fix the widget now. It now shows up on the page instead of being linked WOOOOOOOOO

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Entered, thank you EnosTech

Thank you for the opportunity and good luck everyone.

Awesome giveaway man, good luck everyone

Thanks to all the love and support, this is my best giveaway to date, coming up on 2,000 entries so thanks everyone :smiley:


Wow awesome bro :slight_smile:
and you know that I really require a powerful GPU XD Hope I may be lucky too this time :smiley: But I still say the same let the real one in need get it :slight_smile:
Best of luck friends
And thanks Team Enos Tech … Ben <3

Thanks for hosting such a great giveaway! I joined in and I think I was the one breaking the 20k entry point. I also subbed to your channel, for some odd reason I hadn’t before (I was almost sure I subbed, unless I did with my secondary account)

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