Escape from Tarkov

I just ordered the standard version as they have it on sale right now for 20% off… still was $50 CDN (38 US) but I am thinking it will be worth it when I am able to play.

Anybody else have or will be getting this?

Niiiice man, that game looks aweome, too bad i suck at any FPS lol

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I Was just waiting you to send me the game as a gift hahahhaa

Ub6 that game is going to be epic. everything devs showed so far looks promising.

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Arsononion Sorry my friend, I am not rich which is why I had to wait for it to be on sale, otherwise I would send you one. :frowning:

Now I feel bad.

Ub6 I was kidding with ya because we still havent played Arma together :stuck_out_tongue: